Geometric Islamic Tiles Workshop

Welcome to my Workshop
Unity in Diversity representing beauty and eternity:
A metaphor of Canada’s strength through the Mosaic culture.


In this session, the students got a general idea of Islamic art and symbolic shapes and colors and their meanings and philosophy, through a slideshow and handout.


Jigsaw Puzzle

These puzzles are the original sets of tiles in its full authenticity. Through solving the puzzle of this montage, the student touch and feel first hand, how these stunning patterns come together. We created several sets of 30” X 40” tiles that one of the sets stayed with the Amherstview Public School to remind them of this unique experience.


Four-fold Star

In this session, the students learned the geometrical rules of how to draw a four-fold star unit and tessellation. They experienced the beauty of uniting geometry and art.



After the construction lines of the patterns are laid out, it is the time for highlighting and decorating the pattern. A unique pattern can be decorated in different ways and results in many visual expressions.



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